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Boost Studio
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2017 sees the launch of Boost Studio. As a qualified personal trainer, I believe that fitness is for everyone — it's fun and above all else, it enhances your life and personal wellbeing.

I can help you reach your personal goals at my fully equipped fitness studio, at your home, work or nearby park. I also run a number of classes locally. To find out more about the services I can tailor to you, read on!


Boost Studio
106 Bearton Road
Hitchin, Hertfordshire


Alice Poole
07557 998945





Boost Garden Studio

  • TRX Suspension training

  • Battle ropes

  • Kettlebells

  • Free weights

  • Olympic barbell

  • Weights bench

  • Steps, Bosu, Stability balls

Outdoor/home sessions

  • Portable equipment




Create a new routine.......

Taster Session Offer
per hour including a full free 15 minute consultation

Pay as you go
1-1    = £40 per hour
1-2    = £55 per hour

1-2 packages available

Block packages available

Group - on request

Classes - Termly approx 10-12 sessions per term. Equates to £6 per session

Prices based on sessions held at Boost garden studio, training at your home/work travel distance may add to hourly fee

1-1 Packages

1 x PT session a week (4 per calendar month)
£140 (£35 per session)

2 x PT sessions a week (8 per calendar month)
£240 (£30 per session)

Invoiced in advance.  In months with 5 weeks, clients can choose to add further sessions to their monthly booking at their package session rate.


Private Gym Studio

Cut out the fear of exercising in front of others with my bespoke built gym studio.

6am -8.30pm



Make it personal, free initial 15 minute consultation to establish your goals and preferences for exercise.  Bespoke sessions tailored to meeting your needs ensuring an effective workout.


Team up with your partner or friend, enjoy your fitness journey together.  Sessions are tailored to both your needs.

Group training

Create your own fitness team, train with your friends and motivate each other.

Group Classes

Watch this space for classes near you, or create your own group of 5 or more and I can create a class that suits your group.

Suspension Training

Train your whole body using one piece of adaptable equipment.  Simple, highly effective training method to develop strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability simultaneously.  Ideal for sessions indoors or outdoors.


Consists of functional, high intensity interval training, time efficient and highly effective.  Ideal for time-pressed individuals.


Punch out that stress, feel the release and see the results through this effective method of workout.

Pre and Post Natal

Pre and Post Natal Specialist programmes available from April 2017.

Health Analysis

Through a wide variety of simple fitness tests and measurements we can identify your specific areas and needs to help tailor your programme.


Unique to you we will create and agree a programme together, review and moderate the programme as you progress.   celebrating your progress as we go.

Between Session Support

I am here for you, available through your method of choice, WhatsApp, demo videos, Email, Text or phone to check in, boost your motivation and keep you on track.  It’s up to you.

Nutritional Advice

I can advise on a healthy balanced diet, Nutrition for exercise in line with the Healthy Eating and Eatwell Guidelines. Through an overview of your typical week I can suggest healthy alternatives and help you to make better choices to enable you to see more results.  Assisting you to reduce body fat and increasing lean muscle mass.


"I've recently started running with Alice, it's been great to have someone advise on my action and technique and to motivate me to get out and do it"
Lisa, Hitchin

“Alice is approachable and adaptable, she made a programme especially to meet my needs.  She's motivating and makes it fun and effective.  I find her very personable making it an enjoyable experience and not at all intimidating' 
Katherine, Hitchin

'Boost Studio is a great place to train!  Alice is an excellent trainer and is helping me achieve my goal of toning up, improving core strength and increasing my overall fitness, which is my goal since having two children and turning 40 this year.'  
Emma, Hitchin